About Science Bus

Science Bus Olympics 2010 - Flight The Science Bus is an after-school science program for 2nd through 5th grade children at the East Palo Alto Charter School (EPACS), a great school in a low-income part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The program is developed and taught by volunteer graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford University.

The program aims to enrich the school’s regular science curriculum through a series of hands-on lessons, events and field trips. New tutors are always welcome – How to Join Science Bus. Commitment time is flexible so feel free to come only once or as often as you like.

East Palo Alto Charter School

Website: East Palo Alto Charter School

We engage the students in several main activities over the school year:

Topics in Science:
We spend two quarters of the school year developing and teaching a series of lessons on a scientific topic, typically ending with a field trip. Lessons emphasize demonstrations of scientific principles, and have included such topics as Space Exploration, Ecology and The Brain. We have taken students on field trips to NASA Ames, the SF Exploratorium, local ecological preserves and other places.

Science Olympics
One quarter of the year is dedicated to a Science Olympics competition. Students are taught simple physics and design principles through a series of competitive events such as Bridge Building and the Egg Drop. A final competition is held at Stanford University. If you are interested in helping out at the next Science Olympics, please contact us.

Field Trips
We organize several fields trips around the bay area during the year. Previously been to Exploratorium, California Academy of Sciences, and San Jose Tech Museum.

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